In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-2Model Karen Elson immerses herself ‘In the Land of Dreamy Dreams’ by Tim Walker for Vogue UK, 05/15. Officially known as the kingdom of Bhutan, this rich country is nestled in the heart of the Himalayas.

Stylist, Kate Phelan, celebrates the ferocity of the festival, with works that embrace inspiration. Each piece provides an exciting look into the landscape of high fashion with designs from Céline, Loewe, Prada & Valentino. Embracing the beauty of Bhutan, (Makeup Artist) Samantha Bryant brings out the authenticity by providing a piece of visual poetry. To lose yourself in the lusciousness of the landscape is to be lost in true wonder. Creative face paint captures our imagination with looks that dare to defy. Hairstylist, Duffy, brings the dream forward by using the majesty of modern millinery. Stepping into the world of the unknown Walker, once again, evokes a sense of inspired splendor.


In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-9 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-7 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-23 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-1 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-11 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-6 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-17 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-8 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-5 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-4 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-12 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-14 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-21 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-19 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-16 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-13 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-3 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-15 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-18 In-The-Land-Of-Dreamy-Dreams-by-Tim-Walker-22


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