Since the new i-D site was unveiled a few weeks back by proud new owners Vice it has been providing the art and design and fashion community with the publication’s extensive archive of colourful, wild fashion content from the biggest names in the industry. Check out their new website here: i-d.vice.com

What’s so enticing about the pages of issue 1 is that it’s just the raw ingredients of what i-D magazine was destined to become. It’s a stripped-back zine of cool, young kids doing the most outrageous things first on the streets of London where, arguably, everything fashion is born. There’s interviews with teddy boys and girls, articles about The Cramps and a lot of street fashion photographs. We can all take a lot of inspiration from the debut of this legendary London rag, and that’s if you carry enough conviction in what you’re photocopying, you can pretty much do anything.

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