A video is a compilation of a picture in motion and the sound of that movement and other actions, speech and music. Lernert and Sander tried to unfold this relationship between picture and sound in the newest “Sound of COS” video created for the minimal Swedish brand COS.

With the help of the directors Mr. Gert Jonkers and Mr. Jop Van Bennekom, from Fantastic Man magazine, the duo created pretty much a sound studio made with everyday objects, where they build the sound elements for a video that displays approximate actions of people in their daily routine.

In this conceptual video that confuses our senses, we see the rise of the lapels of a jacket paired with the sound of the two umbrellas opening, and the action of closing up that same jacket dubbed with the sound of a blinds rising.

Pure sensory euphoria!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.58.21sound-of-cos-by-lernert-and-saunder-2-600x334sound-of-cos-by-lernert-and-saunder-3-600x335sound-of-cos-by-lernert-and-saunder-4-600x397

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