Actress Stacy Martin appears as a modern-day Warholian superstar in Miu Miu’s latest campaign, shot by eminent fashion photographer, Steven Meisel. Monochrome set ups capture the star of the moment channeling multiple feminine personas.

The new darling of independent cinema, star of Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, projects a quiet strength. Meisel’s bare sets and stark lighting accentuate her effortless beauty. Bold yet harmonious texture contrasts — transparent plastic, quilted nylon, brocade, knit and astrakhan — are amplified by her subtle presence.

There is a mysterious undercurrent to Meisel’s cinematic images too, a far-off look, arms folded, legs crossed, a finger provocatively raised to the lips. Darkness and light exist side by side, a split-screen effect suggesting another side to the story.

In the glittering canon of rising actresses who have starred in Miu Miu’s campaigns Martin takes her place as an enigmatic storyteller. In her hands the clothes become layers in a rich narrative of multiple femininities, the glamour of Warhol and living and dressing effortlessly.

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