L’Homme Ideal Fragrance Campaign-For his latest fragrance campaign, Spanish model Jon Kortajarena appears in a spot for L’Homme Ideal. Directed by Michel Gondry, Jon plays the man of every woman’s dreams as he embarks on a solo journey of success. Catapulted to fame as the charming singer, Jon exudes endless charisma for a fun fragrance spot.

Jon-Kortajarena-2014 Jon-Kortajarena-LHomme-Ideal-Fragrance-001 Jon-Kortajarena-LHomme-Ideal-Fragrance-002 Jon-Kortajarena-LHomme-Ideal-Fragrance-003 Jon-Kortajarena-LHomme-Ideal-Fragrance-004 Jon-Kortajarena-LHomme-Ideal-Fragrance-005

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